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Child support is an issue that must resolved in a divorce or separation where minor children are present. It is the obligation of every parent, whether married, never married, or divorced to provide financial support for their children. Every child deserves such support to ensure his or her health, education, and general well-being. Like all states, California provides guidelines for the calculation of child support, procedures for seeking and obtaining it, and for enforcing it when a parent refuses to pay or becomes delinquent.

Whether you are seeking, contesting, or requesting an enforcement or modification of child support payments, Deccan Law can provide the skilled support you need. We understand how important such an issue can be for a parent, how it can be a source of contention, and how it may need to be altered when a substantial change in circumstances occur post-divorce. Our Upland child support attorney can help you understand the guidelines and how to calculate support amounts, can help you seek an adjusted support payment when guidelines create a payment unfair to either parent or the child, and can represent you in court in seeking a modification to a standing court order.

How Is Child Support Determined in California?

Generally, the parent who spends the most amount of time with the child, known as the custodial parent, receives support payments from the other parent. This is based on the general assumption that the custodial parent is spending money on the child on a day-to-day basis. Child support payments provided by the noncustodial parent are a contribution towards the food, shelter, clothing, and other facets of the child life, such as for sports activities, private school, transportation between homes, and other relevant expenses. These payments typically are in effect under a child support order issued by the court until the child turns 18. Although it is the noncustodial parent who generally pays support, under certain circumstances, courts can order both parents to pay.

California’s guidelines for calculating child support are based on :

  • The incomes of both parents
  • The number of children being supported
  • The time-sharing arrangements that have been made for each child
  • Whether children from a previous relationship are also being supported
  • Tax consequences
  • Child health insurance expenses
  • Any job-related expenses
  • Other expenses that may need to be factored in

If the calculated amount per the guidelines is in some way unfair to one or the other parent or to the child, you can request an adjustment by the court. However, you will have to provide clear and convincing evidence in support of your request.

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Can I Modify Child Support Payments?

In order to seek a change in child support, you must go through the courts. Otherwise, any changes are unenforceable. Modifications can be requested if a substantial change in circumstances occur, such as changes in employment, the addition of a new child to support in a subsequent marriage, or when a child’s needs change as in a health crisis. Modifications are also typically sought when parental time sharing arrangements change. The less time your child spends with you, the more you may have to pay in support.

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If you need legal counsel regarding any child support issue in or around Upland, we urge you to take advantage of our abundance of personal attention, knowledge, and legal skills. Our attorney is well-versed in the laws, court procedure, and how the local courts operate on this vital issue. We will do everything to ensure that your best interests and those of your child are thoroughly represented.

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